Memphis Music Industry


Aaron James

Taking on the world of solo music can be difficult, but if there’s anyone who is more than capable, Aaron James is the guy. Aaron James hails from the sweet city of Hershey, Pennsylvania where his parents gave him his first taste of incredible music. He formed a love for classical rock and alternative music from them, but his biggest influencers today are his friends. After picking up the guitar at 14 and playing in numerous bands throughout high school, senior year proved to be a monumental time in his life. This was the beginning of his passion for songwriting and this true love for music guided him to Memphis, Tennessee to study Recording Technology at the University. Aaron James has been in several bands in Memphis, his most recent being Sleepwlkrs, played for a long list of local talents, and worked his musical magic at some of the most well–known venues in Memphis, including The Levitt Shell, Minglewood Hall, and The New Daisy.

All of this experience has given Aaron James the push to start his solo career. He compares his sound to the likes of Iron and Wine, Ben Howard, Half Moon Run, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, and Florence and the Machine. His main goal is for everyone to connect with his songs differently, and find a different message that relates to them. “As long as the listener can find a meaning that’s personal to them, then the music is doing its job.” Aaron James has released 2 videos as part of his “Outside In” listening series that are leading up to the release of his first EP on May 12th. Prepare to be whisked away on a musical experience that will transform the way you listen to music