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PreauXX’s DIE WINNING Gets 3 Stars From Commercial Appeal

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Die Winning
Commercial Appeal
Feb 20th, 2014

After bubbling around the surface of the scene for the past few years, Die Winning represents a step forward for young New Orleans transplant PreauXX, who might be coming into his own as the city’s most promising young hip-hop artist.

Though billed as an EP in advance of a forthcoming album, Forever. I Will., Die Winning is 12 full songs deep and easily the most cohesive and confident of several self-released collections PreauXX has put out in the past few years.

A charismatic performer both onstage and on record, PreauXX boasts a strong, clear, versatile flow that takes the form of a sing-songy drawl at times and also veers into a kind of verbal quickstep. Content-wise, his music is grounded, thoughtful but not preachy. References to Kanye, Kendrick (Lamar) and Lupe (Fiasco) underscore a style and worldview outside of the Memphis rap norm, and the album thrives on purposeful collaborations with some like-minded locals on songs such as “Daze Remix” (with Skewby) and “E.W.B.” (with Russ P. and Jo’zzy). Chris Herrington

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