Memphis Music Industry


The Consortium MMT

The Consortium MMT is a 501 (c) nonprofit organization dedicated to developing a viable music industry in Memphis for the future. We accomplish this goal by providing a learning structured environment to enrich and equip our talents with proven tools to build the next generation of successful Soul music professionals.

The Consortium MMT has created an invaluable program that provides talented and dedicated young talents with direct knowledge, proven techniques and insight from internationally successful music industry veterans. More than a school, The Consortium MMT provides real world experience and mentorship, creating a direct path to success for talented Recording Artists|Entertainers, songwriters and producers.

“We are excited to bring this new innovative concept to enrich the music industry to Memphis, and to celebrate the legacy of Soul music,” says The Consortium MMT founder David Porter. “This important program will honor the history of Soul music while providing talented young artists with critical information and unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to history makers so that they can continue to grow and become the Soul music stars of tomorrow.”