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Harold J. Hayward
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Hayward Recordings
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I'm Harold J. Hayward. I'm from Collierville, Tennessee. I came to the University of Memphis to study the music industry, while concentrating on the recording side.

Music has always been a big part of my life. When I'm not doing anything or trying to pass time, I listen to music. Ever since I started the Music Industry program at U of M, I look and listen to music in a different way. Now when I listen to music, I try to pick apart things in a song and hear things that I didn't hear the first time a heard a song.

My goal to have a recording label with my own roster of clients to work with. I plan on starting small with my home studio and working my way up through hard work and gaining more experience with every client I work with.

I've had the honor and privilege to work with some amazing and talented people out of Memphis. I hope to keep those relationship alive and work with them more and more.

Thanks for reading and I wish you Peace, Love, and Music.
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