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Yat Ma
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Yat Karel
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After years drifting around and I choose the music industry as my destination. My vision is to be able to create happiness for others by using my knowledge and love on music. My name is Yat Karel, studying International Music Management in Harlem, the Netherlands.

Not long after the beginning of my study, I have continuously involved in different areas of the music industry and now I am an active worker. My skills are various but more on networking, communicating, leading, managing, providing feedback and advice, marketing information exchange on both Western and Asian Countries. Currently, I am scouting for junior talents in the small areas and will gradually develop to nationally and internationally.

Singing, dancing, playing soccer, diving and travelling are some of my hobbies. I am a fluent speaker in English, Dutch and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin). German and French are also my interested languages. Therefore, my contacts are almost limitless.

In Memphis:
- Scouted Drew Erwin for Blue TOM Records and currently managing.
- 2014 Fall General Manager Blue TOM Records
- Marketing Assistant, Video- & Photographer of Sound Fuzion.
- Intern for Yonas Media, Grammy-winning artist Lady Rizo